Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mother needs help!!!!

OK. I wake up to find out that McKenzey has taken a picture of me sleeping in bed with my phone and then sent it to everybody in my phone. How did she do that? I have no idea. Luckily i was under the covers and you couldn't see me but I have been getting weirds texts all morning.

Next she wants to know how babies are born and she keeps asking me if the shots hurt and if they have to use a knife to cut your tummy. She has asked me this 100 times and has now accepted the pain and announced she only wants one baby and she wants me to be there. Then she asked me if I would still remember her then.

Next she tells me she had a bad dream and she wants me to comfort her. She had a dream that baby satan died and it was really sad because it was when satan was still Heavenly Father's little baby. She even showed me how he was laying down.



Momma Ballou said...

Ok, I totally relate to the baby questions. when she was here that's all she talked about. I made the mistake of showing her my c-section scar. Sorry. I've probably scarred her for life. Weird dream though. I wonder if Satan ever was a sweet little baby.

ClistyB said...

i think she needs to get together with my Gwen, who is fascinated by Satan/Lucifer (take your pick of what she calls him each day). as Gwen says, "Heavenly Father wants us to get married in the temple, Satan wants us to get married at Chuck-a-Rama"
I COMPLETELY feel your despair

sharon said...

Cuckoo grandchildren but I love them all.

Love, Grandma Sharon

West said...

you should post the pict of you sleeping! hahaha.

Goddard Family said...

Don't you just love kids?! I agree...I want to see the picture of you sleeping! My Mailee who is 6 always that Satan can choose the right! She is fascinated with him too! Funny! But I am serious about the picture! :)

Goddard Family said...

hey Julie, I need your email address so that I can add you to my blog because it is private. Email me it at Thanks!

Goddard Family said...

ok it is really time for an update!

JAB said...

Hi Julie.

I am doing a contest and was wondering if you would do a blog post on it. I am giving away five signed copies of Soul Survivor to the winners of the contest. The details are on my website and I want your readers to participate. I would appreciate it if you would do a post on it. Let me know if you have any questions.