Saturday, March 1, 2008

A note from the designer

Hey everyone since Julie is new to the world of blogging I thought I'd post her first blog picture. This is of Julie, our Mom, Robyn and me, April. This was taken 2 years ago this same time of year. We were on our way to the Peppermint place to do our annual Easter candy shopping. We'll post pictures of our next trip soon.


sharon said...

Hi Julie, Very cute blog. I love your background. I just talked to April. Hope you're feeling better.

Love Forever, Mpm

ClistyB said...

Hi Julie,
This is Clisty, Rory's sister.
You'll have fun blogging, I promise.
ps, you do know Peppermint Place moved, right?

Juliette said...

Thanks Apees that is way so cute! You're the BEST!!!

West Family said...

Hello from the East Side!!! How are you?? Your blog is so cute. Put pics of the girls so, Mariah and Sam would love it. Hope all is well!